Monitor your Sales

AirBooks summary/detail reports and executive dashboards provide factual, in-depth and actionable information on sales increasing or declining.

Protect your agency’s cash flow

It’s a sad truth of business that the older a receivable is, the less likely it will be paid off at all. Track slow pay and delinquent customers with AirBooks and improve Accounts Receivable Turnover.

Prioritize your Bills Payments

Just as delays in paying bills can cause problems, so could paying bills too soon. With AirBooks make timely payments streamlined by your bills aging and cash flow requirements.

Track business bank accounts

Keep an overview on all multicurrency bank accounts.

Measure your financial strength and liquidity

Leverage AirBooks full set of financial reports to make the right decisions to improve your company performance.

Report Corporate TMC Sales

Feed TMCs with corporate sales data driving your customers global travel business intelligence.
Export to AMEX and more.

Enjoy more reports

Expenses, Gains and Losses, Taxes