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Read Anna, Leila , Oluwa & Zikri stories below and explore their business management challenges. Identify which of these personae you’re wearing the same shoes with and value AirBooks flexibility to adjust to each profile.

  • Anna has been running a Modern IATA Travel Agency business in Cape Town for 15+ years now, with a diversified offer including flights, hotels, cars rentals and tour packages.
  • Using state-of-the-art technology from GDS and other tech providers, Anna’s agency subcontracts hardware, system, applications and booking website IT support.
  • The agency delivers quality service to a large customer portfolio mainly including government institutions, international organizations, Business Corporation and independent business travelers.
  • Feedback from finance team reported Credit Card and Wired Transfer as main payment modes. Some occasional sales do occur in cash through the airport sales point.
  • Anna is having a great time with AirBooks, getting savvier in accounting & finance and enjoying more visibility on her business. With a streamlined organization, she may now have a higher focus on business growth.

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Anna’s Challenges AirBooks Offer
Superior traveler service
  • Effective Traveler CRM for professional account management and loyalty tracking
  • All bookings in one place with a 24/7 access
  • Branded Travel Documents to be sent by email
  • Traveler sales history on demand
  • Trips monitoring for pre-on-post traveler care
  • Birthday & passport events tracking
Efficiency in operations
  • Seamless Multi-GDS integration
  • Online staff collaboration from everywhere
  • Higher productivity with consistent automation of mid & back-office workflows
  • Taxes information instantly available for filing
  • Expenses tracking with cloud secured scans
  • Multicurrency bank accounts management
  • Detailed activity log allowing fraud prevention and detection
Revenue increase
  • Flexible service fees scheme definition
  • Travel consultant incentive automation
  • Easy sales and profitability analysis
Cost effective IT purchase & support
  • Full mid & back-office affordable solution
  • 24/7 email support
  • Online subscription, instant go-live
  • User interaction optimized for quick adoption
  • BSP reconciliation on free-of-charge PDF file
Growing business
  • Accurate financial reporting
  • Multi agency management capability
  • Agent consolidation and franchising support
  • Leila is the manager of 2C Travel, the travel branch of 2C Auditing. 2C Auditing is a chartered accountants firm headquartered in Dubai and consulting for 500+ customers across the region.
  • The travel business unit was opened 4 years ago to handle group travels and reduce travel cost soaring resulting from the Group international expansion to India, Oman, Jordan & Taiwan.
  • With premises in Dubai’s business area, 2C Travel is opened to the public and also services walk-in customers including Group staff family members with frequent cash payments and specific discounts.
  • More than 90% of 2C Travel sales is ticketing but the agency also delivers meet & greet services, airport transfers, visa arrangements, travel insurances, hajj packages, and of course hotels and cars bookings.
  • 2C Travel has contracted with air travel consolidators for preferential B2B deals on domestic travels in countries where the Group operates. Over 60% activities remain with Emirates, while 10% are manual or online air purchases.
  • 2C Auditing accounting is centralized on SAGE by every 2C business entity in UAE and abroad. Before AirBooks the travel branch invoicing transactions were reported via Excel and manually recorded by the Group finance team.
  • Leila got the information on AirBooks 6 months ago through an Indian consolidator using the product. She immediately had her sales team register for AirBooks webinars and signed up for an intensive trial.
  • Shortly after, 2C Travel subscribed for AirBooks yearly plan and went live. 2C invoicing error and omission rate went down to very few. Business reporting is now real time and group accounting consolidation is automated and hassle free.

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Leila’s Challenges AirBooks Offer
Same level of service as an IATA Agency
  • AirBooks Consolidator feed and E-ticket emails feed for multi-GDS tickets import
  • SPRK/Farelogix integration
  • Invoicing automation
  • High business reactivity with cloud hosting
  • Service fees and markups collection
Customer retention
  • Traveler account management
  • Travel documents branding and trips monitoring
  • Loyalty tracking
  • Traveler & customer email communication
  • Customer discounts settings
Cash management
  • Multicurrency cash account management
  • Cash deposit to / withdrawal from bank
  • Cash expenses tracking
  • Installments management for future travels
Account payables management
  • Supplier account management
  • Bill recording with attachment
  • Anticipation on remittance levels & commission
  • tracking through supplier sales reports
  • Supplier balance and aged payables tracking
Limited IT budget
  • Affordable solution with a yearly discounted plan
  • 24/7 free email suppor
  • No setup fee
  • Self-training resources available
Group accounting & finance management
  • Invoices, Credit Notes, Payments, Bills and Expenses journals export to SAGE and more...
  • Sales tax reporting
  • Banking reporting
  • Oluwa is the owner of OB-Travel, an IATA travel agency with main office in Lagos since 1995. OB-Travel realized a real breakthrough as a Travel Agents Consolidator after BSP introduction into the Nigerian market.
  • OB-T consolidates over 75 non-IATA travel agencies and ITCs across the country. With offices in major cities like Abuja, Kano, Ibadan and Port Harcourt, OB-Travel is also GSA for some Nigerian domestic airlines.
  • As a multi-GDS agency, OB-Travel relies on GDSs and 3rd Party travel providers, to accommodate its retail agent’s network with cutting-edge technology for ticketing autonomy and credit control.
  • OB-Travel constantly extends its network and market presence through classic B2B consolidation model or franchising. Sub-agencies benefits include up to 100% commission sharing, bonus and incentive checks.
  • Oluwa was recommended AirBooks during 1X-GDS solution forum. The product was then promoted by 1X-GDS as its preferred Mid & Back-Office solution for Ghana & Nigeria markets.
  • All OB-Travel offices have migrated to AirBooks and are working on a full mid & back-office mode. With his sole login, Oluwa frequently browses the 5 OB- Travel accounts and enjoys driving his business remotely.
  • Oluwa also spotted on AirBooks consolidator feed as a potential differentiator from competition. Thus OB-Travel offers AirBooks subscription as an extra bonus to its high performing sub-agents. Sub-agents’ AirBooks accounts are then integrated with OB-Travel accounts for instant ticket import and invoicing.

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Oluwa’s Challenges AirBooks Offer
Sub-agent custom service
[Case where Sub-Agents are on AirBooks]
  • Sub-agent integration for multi-GDS ticket import and invoicing automation through consolidator feed
  • Up front setting of commission share rules per sub-agent for each airline
Sub-agent account management
  • Sub-Agent Relationship Management tools
  • Monitoring of Sub-Agent deposits and credit limits
  • Receivables & payables statement on demand
  • Sales history on demand
  • Sub-agent specific filters throughout the application
Increased burden on operations
  • Support to staff productivity with consistent automation of mid & back-office workflows
  • Complete set of sales, receivables, payables, accounting and financial reporting for real time business monitoring
  • Accurate tracking of supplier withheld taxes to exclude from sub-agents shares
  • Streamlined Incentive/bonus billing and payment
  • Enhanced security with detailed activity tracking on potentially high sales flow and cash volumes
Multiple office locations
  • Multi-agency management with consolidated or independent accounting & financials
  • Online staff collaboration from everywhere
  • User unique login credentials to all offices he has access to
Growing business
  • Strong MIS backbone supporting operations scalability and strategic decision making
  • Major competitive differentiator with AirBooks-to- AirBooks integration through consolidator feed
  • AirBooks affordable pricing is an incentive opportunity for consolidator to increase Sub- Agency attraction and retention through the provision of a value-added business management solution
  • Zikri is a seasoned Travel Consultant with 15+ years in the industry. After heading Sentul-Holidays sales team for almost a decade, Zikri is now running a profitable home based travel business franchise.
  • With expert GDS skills and impressive knowledge of exotic destinations and different cultures, Zikri has developed a large network of satisfied customers, enjoying quality care at any time: before, during and after their trips.
  • Most of the bookings occur by phone or email, but Zikri website ranking is continuously improving with organic SEO, as well as social network growth, driving more travel requests from these channels.
  • In addition to her part-time job as an accounting teacher, his wife Fujita does all the bookkeeping and tax filing for the business. She also handles significant cash collection, mostly from family members and close friends.
  • Family vacations usually happen during the off season. Despite relatively low requests in that period, Zikri often prevents service disruption through a replacement by Daniel, a good friend and former colleague.
  • Zikri subscribed for AirBooks after he got hit by an email campaign and with insisting recommendation from his wife Fujita, who had been looking for an affordable and easy to use travel accounting software.
  • But Zikri is now an experienced user enjoying the best of mobility for trip tracking, traveler account management and sales monitoring. He is very comfortable training on AirBooks for staffing interim.

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Zikri’s Challenges AirBooks Offer
Professional travel service
  • Branded Travel Documents
  • Traveler CRM for professional account management
  • Traveler sales history on demand
  • Travel monitoring with pre-on-post travel care
  • Birthday & passport events tracking
  • Service fees rules
Streamlined operations
  • Multi-GDS tickets import
  • Invoicing, supplier billing and commission tracking
  • Accounting simplified with automated journal postings and real time financial reporting
  • Expenses tracking and backup
  • Support for tax filing
Interim management
  • Travel consultant incentive automation
  • Interim user account with limited access. The account is marked as inactive when interim stops
  • Remote monitoring of interim staff activity
Cost effective IT purchase & support
  • Affordable solution with a monthly plan
  • 24/7 free email support
  • Online subscription, instant go-live, no setup fee
  • User interaction optimized for quick adoption
  • Continuous service with all bookings in one place accessible 24/7 from everywhere
  • Emergency customer care handling
  • Tablet responsiveness supporting productive face to face customer meeting with instant provision of business intelligence information