Frequently Asked Questions
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For Travel Agencies a Mid & Back-Office is a software product with features supporting core business management operations from sales & invoicing to accounting & financial reporting.

AirBooks is a web based affordable plug & play and multi GDS Accounting application, implementing genuine and unprecedented GDS feeds for non-IATA Travel Agencies and Travel Consultants businesses.

IATA Consolidator Agencies will be able to provide their Sub-Agents (non-IATAs) using AirBooks, with an instant feed for remotely ticketed items. This should come as an added value opening up an opportunity to grow their Sub-Agents network and business.

YES AirBooks does, through E-tickets Email Forwarding feed and IATA Consolidator feed.

Subscribe for AirBooks and go-live with no GDS integration delay and no expert assistance through:
- E-tickets Email Forwarding to import ticketed GDS Items and avoid manual entries,
- Base Currency setup on the Country selected during subscription,
- Default GAAPS compliant Chart of Account,
- Pre-setted Core Products, Customers and Suppliers,
- Importing Customers base from XLS file,
- Simple Traveler and Customer documents branding procedure,
- Auto-generated transaction numbers (Invoice, Payments, Expenses …),
- BSP reconciliation on PDF file,
- Automated accounting journal postings,
- Intuitive reporting,
- Enda-Travel sample agency guided tour, detailed User Guide and other help resources.

Our team is committed to reply to all your emails within 12 working hours.

AirBooks targets small and medium sized agencies:
- Modern IATA Agencies,
- Consolidator Agencies (IATA),
- Non-IATA Agencies,
- And Travel Consultant Businesses
Learn more about AirBooks Scope.

YES you can if these branches are sales points of a main agency with a centralized accounting. Otherwise you must subscribe for several AirBooks accounts, one for each branch.

YES you can use AirBooks for Invoicing, Account Receivables and Account Payables management. Mid-Office transactions can be exported to 4+ accounting solutions, including Sage, Tally, QuickBooks and Pastel.

AirBooks provides free and advanced search facilities for profiles, transactions and settings.

A database backup is generated every day and kept on AirBooks servers for 7 days. Our team will proceed to any restoration you may request. In case you wish to have a copy of your data with you, you will have to export them from AirBooks on XLS format.


Subscribe for AirBooks monthly plan at USD 69. Get 2 months discount for the yearly plan; pay just USD 690, save USD 138.

NO, AirBooks is an online solution with a do-it-yourself sign up process and presetted parameters. Intermediate level users should be able to complete any missing setup. In any case, our teams are keen to assist for any setup issue, at absolutely NO additional COST.

Are you targeting more than 50+ travel agencies with AirBooks? Kindly email us at, should you wish a volume discount.

Agencies using Credit Card for AirBooks payment will be billed monthly or yearly depending on the selected plan. Those relying on offline payment options like Western Union, MoneyGram and Bank Transfer will be billed quarterly for the monthly plan or yearly for the yearly plan.

YES, we accept offline payments through Western Union, MoneyGram and Bank Transfer.

YES, we accept offline payments through Western Union, MoneyGram and Bank Transfer. To learn more about offline payment requirements:
- Connect to your AirBooks account
- Open the Subscription module
- Select an offline payment mode to view its specific requirements

It may us up to 3 business days after offline payment reception to activate your AirBooks account. We recommend that you process your AirBooks offline payment at least 10 days prior to the date you wish to be active.

There is absolutely NO USER LIMIT for any AirBooks subscription. You can invite as many users as you want and they can all be logged in at the same time.

AirBooks subscription will be done exclusively online. In some cases we may partner with local 3rd party companies or a GDS in your region for referral marketing, support, training and consulting services.

YES, you can register all your agencies with the same email login.

AirBooks accounts will be deleted if they have been on “read-only” status for 6 months.

GDS Integration

AirBooks Email Feed is a mean to transfer GDS ticketed items to AirBooks through travel document emails. The agency forwards GDSs e-tickets emails to AirBooks captures and parses these emails to extract ticket information. Based on the sender email ID, AirBooks locates the issuing agency and creates a travel item record in the targeted account.

Interface Records resulting from non-IATA Sub-Agents remote ticketing will be sent to the IATA Consolidator by the GDS. AirBooks then implements a feed allowing the ticketing Sub-Agent to instantly get its travel records from the Consolidator.

Interface Records are structured records of data that can be sent to travel agency mid and back-office systems. This flexible information vehicle is used to automate the transfer of fare and booking data in real time between the GDS and the agency.

AirBooks Interface Record Share Key is a unique identifier for AirBooks accounts. This information is used as the key parameter to setup the Consolidator Feed between a non-IATA Sub-Agent AirBooks account with its IATA Supplier Agency AirBooks account.

In most cases Interface Records are offered as part of GDS subscription with no additional cost. In other words, if you are an IATA Agency in need of I.U.R, M.I.R or A.I.R, you should simply request it from your local GDS representative. It may take up to 5 business days to get complete setup done for your agency.

YES, through the AirBooks Email Feed and AirBooks Consolidator Feed.

AirBooks integrates with Amadeus through the Amadeus Interface Record (A.I.R) for IATA Travel Agencies and Amadeus travel document emails for non-IATA Travel Agencies and Consultants.

AirBooks integrates with Galileo through the Machinable Interface Record (M.I.R) for IATA Travel Agencies and Galileo travel document emails for non-IATA Travel Agencies and Consultants.

AirBooks integrates with Sabre through the Interface User Record (I.U.R) for IATA Travel Agencies and Sabre travel document emails for non-IATA Travel Agencies and Consultants.

AirBooks allows a non-IATA Sub-Agent to integrate with its Supplier Agency through the AirBooks Consolidator Feed.

It may take up to 5 business days to get complete Interface Record setup done for your agency. You may also track setup time (SLA) applied to other agencies in your market for the same service to make sure you are having a fair treatment.

YES you can. The AirBooks Consolidator feed will have to be implemented by each B2B supplier agency based on your Interface Record Share Key.

YES you can, but we would need your Consolidator to log its records on our Feed Server. Consolidators can request the feed channel credentials for their country at

NO, absolutely not. The Consolidator scope of action includes nothing else than setting up the feed to convey your ticketed records back to you. For this the Supplier Agency will require and have visibility on your Interface Record Share Key only.

Travel Document email forwarding to AirBooks can be boosted with a GDS Smart key. We could think of a command that emails Travel Documents to This command could be embedded in a GDS smart key and reused by your front-office consultants through a simple mnemonic like “AB”.

Getting Started

- Register for and attend to an AirBooks Introduction Webinars,
- Browse AirBooks Welcome Guide,
- Take an Enda Travel guided tour,
- Subscribe and go for a trial, relying on the User Guide for any help,
- Attach your logo and record agency contact details,
- Setup e-tickets email feed and forward your sales to AirBooks upon ticketing,
- Import your customer base or record few accounts and start invoicing,
- Pursue invoicing simulations with payments applied,
- Select a reconciliation format for the BSP Supplier, attach and reconcile your BSP bill,
- Explore AirBooks reporting.

YES, through our weekly webinars sessions. Register Webinars.

Most if not all travel accounting solutions rely solely on GDS Interface Records to import ticketed items. AirBooks DO NOT. AirBooks operations can start instantly upon subscription through E-tickets Email Feed, while Interface Records integration is in progress.

YES we can reset your account. Send us a request at, our team will get in touch. Only the AirBooks Owner can reset an account.

YES, email us at, we will go through your go-live check-list and recommend actions to take.

NO, Enda-Travel is a read-only demo agency where update and deletion are not possible.


YES it is. Go to Settings > Agency Profile to attach you logo.

Not for now. AirBooks currently implements only English as working language.

YES, Traveler and Customer documents can be printed and emailed in English, Portuguese and French.

NO need to. Get your customers to send you an AirBooks Invitation on the same email ID. Once you have sign up and logged in with that email, AirBooks will display your host agencies list for you to select which one you wish to access.

YES. Provided you have received all invitations on the same email ID, your AirBooks login will display your host agencies list for you to select which one you wish to access.

NO. AirBooks is presetted with a default GAAPS compliant Chart of Account than can be customized to some extent.

YES. AirBooks is presetted with 4 core products to manage all travel type:
- My Flight Sales,
- My Hotel Sales,
- My Car-Rental Sales,
- My Misc. Travel Sales

YES, for some countries. We keep on tracking fiscal information updates from AirBooks markets.

YES. AirBooks fetches new exchange rates from Yahoo! Finance.

AirBooks populates your account with BSP airlines operating in your country. In some cases we will be able to get a more complete list including BSP and local airlines.

BSP is a core Supplier created by AirBooks while initializing your account. Additional foreign currencies BSP Supplier accounts will be created automatically when adding a currency. Because these accounts already exist, users do not need to create them again.

YES. Kindly share your last year BSP bills with us for further analysis. Provided we have these reference files, we will be able to reconcile your country/region within 10 business days. We are keen to sign a Non Disclosure Agreement should you require one. You won’t be charged any cost for this integration.

NO. Only one account is required per Consultant. Unlimited GDS signatures can then be attached to this account.

- Markup = Airline Published Fare - Airline Negotiated fare
- Service Fee is what the agency charges on top of the commission and markup for its travel consulting and care added value.

NO. AirBooks accounting rules cannot be updated nor deleted.

YES. Traveler and Customer messages as well as terms and conditions preferences can be defined for all Traveler and Customer documents.

Kindly email us at and we will get in touch for further analysis.


YES. AirBooks captures and save all information required to print or email these travel documents, which can be branded with your logo and contact information.

Travel Items extracted from travel documents emails may be missing some data. Mandatory data to be completed are: Commission rate, Travel Consultant ID and routing (International / Domestic). Forwarded Items with missing mandatory information will be marked as “Incomplete”.

YES. AirBooks allows you to record manual tickets based on a stock sequence or not.

AirBooks tracks flights, hotels, car rentals and misc. travels start dates and end dates events. AirBooks also notifies Traveler birthdays and passport expiries.

Local Taxes, Customer discounts, Consultant Incentives and Service Fees rules can be automated with AirBooks.

YES. Download sample Traveler import file from AirBooks Travelers module.

YES. Download sample Customer import file from AirBooks Customers module.

YES. Customer balances from your former software can be recorded as opening balances in AirBooks corresponding Customer accounts.

YES. AirBooks allows you to create multicurrency Customer and Supplier accounts, and to record foreign currency transactions.

YES. AirBooks instantly reports Over Credit Limit Customers.

YES. As a Consolidator Agency, your Sub-Agents will be recorded as Customers in AirBooks. You will then be able to track Sub-Agents sales through the Customer Sales Summary and Detail Report.

YES. Purchase Order and other sales documents can be attached to the Invoice with no limitation for the number of attachments. But then, attachments must be less than 1Mb each.

YES. You can email Customer Invoices and Statement PDFs from AirBooks. The recipient email is the Customer primary contact one. AirBooks provides you with some email templates that you can use as is, update or discard.

YES. These AirBooks reports are available in the reporting Account Receivables and Account Payables sections.

YES. You can print Customer Payment Receipts or export their PDFs from AirBooks.

AirBooks implements 3 payment modes: Cash, Check and Bank transfers.

AirBooks reconciles BSP Bill on the BSP-Links PDF file.

NO. BSP Reconciliation in included in the monthly or yearly plan you have subscribed for.

The BSP reconciliation scope grows progressively as we extend our market presence. Do not hesitate to email us at in case your market is not yet covered.

YES. Backup your Expense receipts and Bill documents by saving their scanned copy attached to the transaction in AirBooks.

NO. AirBooks manage all expenses in the base currency.

Of course YES. General Journals will be recorded as manual journals to capture financial events that are different from core transactions.

AirBooks journal postings are automated; Accounting and financial reporting are quite intuitive, only manual journals really require accounting knowledge.