Plug to AirBooks & Play

Enda Uhambo on May 15, 2016

Moving from desktop to cloud technology has been a big jump for the few mid & back-office providers who were able to make this shift. But handing over full control to Travel Agencies for product subscription, setup and go-live; or automating recurring payment is another big step away.

With its Plug & Play readiness AirBooks got a head start on almost all its counterparts around the world. This key differentiator is the result of a customer centric approach aiming at a hassle free product delivery experience with maximum autonomy and freedom for the agency.

Let’s take a tour of AirBooks main Plug & Play capabilities.

Product Awareness

From feature description to pricing info, introduction webinars to Enda-Travel sample agency guided tour, numerous resources and information channels have been provided for complete product awareness supporting Travel Agency decision to join the AirBooks community.

Online Subscription

Register your agency with AirBooks and get full access to the product for a 15-days trial with no credit card requirement. Upgrade to a monthly or yearly paid plan at any time. The whole process is online, it only takes the agency owner to have access to Internet and own an email account.

Quick Setup

Your Agency account is released with some presetted data. AirBooks guides you through a quick setup process to complete agency branding, customize GDS instant integration through e-tickets email forwarding, import your customer base, and invite your colleagues on AirBooks.

Go-live with no Expert Assistance

As an IATA, non-IATA agency or Independent Travel Consultant, you are done with AirBooks Introduction Webinar and trial phase. Upgrade to a monthly or yearly plan, reset your account, proceed with go-live setup, start importing GDS electronic tickets receipts, and take it from there.

Help Resources

Get to know how to start creating basic transactions in AirBooks through our interactive Welcome Guide. Increase your AirBooks expertise with a detailed and well-illustrated User Guide, or re-visit your product knowledge with Frequently Asked Questions and knowledge base.

Online or Offline Payments

Pay for AirBooks subscription online with Visa, MasterCard or American Express credit or debit cards. Can’t pay online? AirBooks provides offline payment options through Western Union, MoneyGram or Bank Transfer. Pay offline and email payment details to us.