Need a Mid-Office or a full Mid & Back-Office?

Enda Uhambo on May 15, 2016

Going for a Mid-Office or Mid & Back-Office often depends on in-house vs outsourced, or autonomous vs vertically centralized accounting. But it may differ from an agency to another.

Whether the agency is IATA or non IATA, leisure or business travel oriented, with high or medium to low sales volumes, on unique or multiple locations, the following configurations are still possible:

- Agency with in-house accounting staff or department - Agency outsourcing all accounting to a firm or consultant - Agency bookkeeping internally but outsourcing audit and control - Agency branch with centrally consolidated accounts ...


This is your best option in case your accounting staff or team is still happy with agency current General Ledger software, or you can’t afford migrating from it presently. You then can leverage AirBooks CRM, Invoicing, Receivables and Payables management capabilities, to better focus on traveler service and care.

You may also belong to a group and transaction postings are to be made in the corporate financial system remotely from your agency, or at your company headquarters based on collected journals.

If you’re relying on a firm or external accountant for bookkeeping and all accounting data reside with them outside the agency, then let AirBooks support the core agency business and feed your partners with valuable inputs.

AirBooks main Mid-Office features include:

- Travel Document printing & emailing - Traveler CRM& Customer Profiles - GDS and third party integrations - Invoicing and account receivables - Bill and accounts payables - BSP Reconciliation - Expense management - Banking - MIS Reporting - Profiles and Transactions export to XLS or CSV - Export to Sage, Pastel, Tally, QuickBooks and more accounting solutions

Mid & Back-Office

Except for branches or subsidiaries which business organization and reporting may be dictated by corporate requirements, we recommend the full featured AirBooks for your agency if you want to keep all company data in one place.

Whether you rely on external assistance or not, invite your accounting clerks and experts to join your AirBooks account. Grant them with authorizations pertaining to the contracted duties, to record journals, browse your data, make required adjustments and support your business decisions through financial reports analysis.

Back-Office features in AirBooks are:

- Expense management - Transactions Posting - Manual Journals - General Ledger and Trial Balance - Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Statement