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Enda Uhambo on May 15, 2016

Travel technology has evolved at a very rapid pace since the 1960s, leaving very less to manual processing. Despite technology intrusion in almost all aspects of travel business operations, Travel Agencies still struggle with accounting automation.

Absorbing travel accounting complexity to render an intuitive invoicing and bookkeeping computerized experience for average accountants appears to be a daunting challenge.

From biggest technology providers like GDSs, to the less significant tech actors in the industry, like travel agencies themselves, many have strived to overcome the challenge of releasing an efficient and affordable Mid & Back-Office system, with mitigated success and sometime stinging failures.

But most of the few software companies that were able to emerge in this arena and establish themselves as long lasting actors still fail to align with technology trends. Many of current products adjust to technology advancement in a very conservative way; the main objective here seems to preserve the stability of their legacy configuration.

A move towards innovation in these cases bears the uncertainty of delivering a state-of-the-art solution that would successfully undergo the change management process required for any software migration or adoption. This is seen as a big risk leading agencies and Mid & Back- Office software providers to prefer their “less risky” legacy setup.

Mid & Back-Office Solutions are often expensive, localized for their home countries only and very few can be stamped as multimarket solutions. In several regions they are offered by GDS as incentive to top selling customers or for customer retention against competition. Some Mid & Back-Office software providers are completely dependent upon this GDSs “subsidy” to survive.

A modern full featured travel accounting application for almost a penny

In today’s travel industry environment where traditional travel agencies are striving to readapt to technological innovation and fighting to resist market share lost to the benefit of more electronically abled agencies, in this era where all industry players are in the rush to catch the traveler attention with most competitive pricing and booking facilities,

AirBooks comes as a modern option to address travel accounting complexity and support small & mid-sized travel agency business management operations at little cost. By making travel accounting incredibly simple, AirBooks allows agencies to focus on the traveler, unlocking their potential to create more value added services and better organize business development.

Intuitivity, affordability and mobility are key value points lifting all barriers to AirBooks adoption for small and mid-sized travel agencies in any region of the world. AirBooks embraces modernity with a major objective: making your travel accounting experience a great, productive and affordable one.

Whether you are a Travel Agency, Consolidator, TMC or GDS, we recommend you to consider the AirBooks Opportunity.

  • Travel Agencies: Discover AirBooks specific value proposition for IATA , Non-IATA , Consolidator and ITCs business management.
  • Consolidators: Grow your business with more Sub-Agents attracted or retained by the consolidator feed. With monthly subscription fees close to your income per ticket, you may also offer AirBooks as an incentive and increase your network.
  • TMCs: Recommend AirBooks to your franchisees for its reporting readiness, international localization and pricing. AirBooks allows streamlined TMC consolidation across multiple markets.
  • GDSs: Increase retention by offering your customer network an end-to-end travel agency package from the front-office with GDS booking & ticketing products to the back-office with AirBooks.