AirBooks feeds for Non-IATA Travel Agencies

Enda Uhambo on May 15, 2016

Non-IATA Travel Agencies or Independent Consultants stand as the forsaken when it comes to Front to Mid-Office integration. Every agency need to get its ticketed data back from GDS to complete the accounting workflow. While IATA agency can rely on GDS Interface Records to automate booking import into their Mid-Office, Non-IATA have limited to no option than manual recording.

AirBooks accommodates Non-IATA Agencies and Consultants with 3 major feeds:

- E-tickets email forwarding, - Consolidator TO Sub-Agent Integration, - AirBooks Feeds Server

These innovative integration schemes are meant to remove the manual entry burden and by doing so, reinvent the non-IATAs’ travel accounting experience.

E-tickets email forwarding

Forward all GDS e-tickets to AirBooks identifies your agency from the sender ID and converts e-tickets emails into travel records.

E-tickets emails will be missing some mandatory data: Commission rate, Travel Consultant, and International / Domestic status. AirBooks genuinely supports the update process for these incomplete items to make it a hassle free experience.

Consolidator TO Sub-Agent Integration

Sub-Agency ticketing has been improved with remote ticketing solutions from GDSs and 3 party software providers. This major industry move has had a huge impact on non-IATA sales and service delivery.

But unfortunately back-office interface records forwarding is still missing in the non-IATA ticketing process. Accounting records from GDS seat with the Consolidator bearing the IATA ticketing authority, and thus need to be explicitly conveyed to the non-IATA booking owner.

AirBooks perfectly fills this gap with the Consolidator feed. The feed will be designed as a set of rules describing the route for Interface Records forwarding from a Consolidator to Sub- Agents.

Sub-Agents can receive records from several Consolidators, and of course Consolidators can forward to several Sub-Agents.

AirBooks Feeds Server

While Sub-Agents will register with AirBooks to receive their travel records, Consolidators do not need to subscribe for AirBooks to feed their Sub-Agents.

The Feed Server is a mediator between Consolidators and Sub-Agents in a push & get architecture. Consolidators will upload GDSs records on the server for Sub-Agents feed.

Subscription to the Feed Server is free for both Consolidators and Sub-Agents. Sub-Agents need to apply to the Consolidator for feed activation. As records owners, Consolidators are solely entitled to authorize records forwarding to Sub-Agents.

Once we get the Consolidator approval, the feed will be activated in AirBooks, enabling Sub- Agents with successful application to instantly download records ticketed by their office.

Agents can only download records where they appear as the booking agent. The feed may be disabled by the Consolidator at any time.